5 Beginner Camping Tips From the Experts

5 Beginner Camping Tips From the Experts

1. Research Where You Are Going

Research where you are going; how to get there, weather, conditions and facilities (campsites, toilets, water, electricity). 

Spending a little time doing your homework could save you time, space and hassle. Dedicate at least one hour to researching on the internet. Find the best route, as well as alternatives as back-up, to ensure a smooth journey there. By researching the facilities at the campsite, you can make sure you bring the most appropriate camping gear and necessities. 

2. Test Your Equipment Before You Leave 

Spend a night camping in your yard first! 

After a long day of travelling, the last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to figure out how to put your new tent up. Set-up camp in your yard and practice using all of your camping gear, from the tent to the stove. Not only will you gain experience with your equipment, you can also test that everything works as it should. 

3. Keep Your Campsite Clean

Ensure perishables are packed safely away overnight. 

Keep nocturnal visitors to a minimum by cleaning up after yourself. Animals can be known to damage camping gear, and also just leave a big mess for you to clean up the next day. Store garbage in locked plastic tubs and out of reach. 

4. Don't Choose Cheap Goods Over Quality

There’s a time and a place to be frugal. When it comes to camping gear, don’t go cheap. 

When packing for a trip, you need to be resourceful with what you pack and this means you need to rely on everything that you take. Don’t bring a stove that breaks on the first night, leaving you with cold beans for dinner the next! 

5. Don't Forget That It’s Meant To Be Enjoyable

Last but not least - HAVE FUN!

What is better than spending time in the beautiful outdoors, with friends and family? Make the most of the experience!

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