About Us

At Blue Waters Camping, we believe that nature is one of the greatest gifts and should be enjoyed by all responsible people who respect and protect it. Our products and services are handpicked with outdoor lovers in mind, because we believe that being safe and comfortable in nature is the first step to fully benefiting from the outdoor experience. 

We know that we share our planet with many animals/plants in various shapes and sizes -  on land, in the water and in air, so no matter where we are, first of all we have to remember that we are in their home, therefore respecting them and their environment is very important to us. 

Our mission is to bring comfort to our fellow outdoor lovers by education and tools that will completely change the outdoor experience. Nature makes us feel better, so we have to remember to return the favor and leave it better than we found it. 

We are always interested in partnering with other individuals, companies and nonprofits who are on a similar journey to keep our planet clean and safe!

If you have any questions about Blue Waters Camping, we are always happy to hear from you. Please email us at support@bluewaterscamping.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Blue Waters Camping Team