5 Camping Hacks To Save You Time & Money

5 Camping Hacks To Save You Time & Money

1. Helpful nightlight ideas

When we go camping, glow sticks provide a great way for us to have light in our tent without it being too bright or disturbing our sleeping children. Glow sticks are cost effective, fun and sold in most stores locally. By hanging just one or two in your tent they will provide you with enough light so see what you’re doing in your tent, prior to you sleeping. They also prove very useful if you need to get up in the middle of the night!


2. Arrive before dark

If you arrive at your campsite after dark, you will find setting up a tent to be a lot harder. You want to plan your trip so that you’re arriving two hours prior to sunset. That should give you enough time to set up your gear. Having a well set up campsite is the key to a successful camping experience. Ensure you don’t put yourself in a sticky situation by arriving well before sunset.


3. Bring a rug for the inside and outside of the tent

If you're going to go camping, be sure to bring rugs with you. Wiping your feet before and after entering your tent will go a long way toward minimizing the dirt that ends up in your tent. Especially if you’re planning a long trip, the inside and outside rugs will prove more valuable than you could imagine.


4. Freeze gallons of water to use in your ice chest

Instead of buying ice, which can often be surprisingly costly, a good tip is puttin a gallon or two of water in your cooler and drink it once it melts. This works as both cooling for your cooler and giving drinking water for your water bottle.


5. Use swimming noodles on the guy lines of your tent

One of the more useful camping tips is to cut up a couple swimming pool noodles and place them over the guy lines. This will make them a lot easier to see, less likely to trip over, and will help you avoid tripping on your tent. The last thing you need on a camping trip away is an injury, the swimming noodles can really avoid potential disaster.

Camping should be fun, not something that breaks the bank. Using your time and money effectively will improve the overall experience of your camping trip.

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