Portable Water Purification Filter

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Easily set up a DIY filtration system with soda bottles like Coca-Cola bottles, plastic bags, collapsible bottles, or buckets. Or drink directly from a water source like a straw.


  • Reliable filtering result: 0.1-micron membrane ensures 99.999999% removal rate of bacteria. TUV and SGS testing reports. Superior material: FDA approved. Impact resistance and ultra-light L630 fits in the palm of your hand. Lifespan can be extended by backwash.


    • Filters up to 2000 liters of natural fresh water without using any chemicals. 2000L clean and drinkable water in a backpack on the go.
    • It has threads on filter's both sides. A handy 28mm thread bottle can be screwed on the water filter outlet for backwashing.
    • Backflush can rinse away impurities that the membrane has filtered from the water. Threads on filter both sides. A handy 28mm thread bottle can be screwed on the filter's water outlet for backwashing. 


      • When the flow rate slows, the Mini well water filter can be back-flushed with ease. Please use clean water only while back-flushing.
      • Before storing the Mini well water filter, back-flush with clean water and then soak in a mild vinegar solution or mouthwash to disinfect the filter.
      • After cleaning, let the filtered air dry and store it in a cool and dry location.
      • Shelf Life: 5 years. After initial wetting: 3 years.